PASS Cards — What Are They and How Do I Obtain One?

A big concern for travellers is losing their passport while abroad. There are few things that could hamper a safe and relaxing vacation more that not being able to present the necessary documents at Customs. Luckily with a PASS Card, there is less concern if you are travelling in Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and Bermuda. A PASS Card, or a passport card as it is oftentimes called, can be more than just a great sense of security – if you are travelling in these countries it can actually be substituted for a passport in land or sea travel.

We do recommend to our customers that they have Passport when travelling to these countries, but a PASS Card is a great addition because it is much easier to keep it on your person than a Passport. Since a PASS Card is akin to a Driver’s License, you can keep it in your wallet or purse. Unfortunately Passports don’t have the same portability as a PASS Card and it can often be difficult to carry them around in your pocket or other bags.

Though you are not able use a PASS Card as an official substitution of a Passport when you travel by air or to places aside from the countries mentioned, it does not hurt to have it. As always, it is a good idea to keep a paper scanned copy of your passport with you at all times when you are travelling to other countries. If you do have a PASS Card at home we recommend bringing it with you though just in case. We can’t make guarantees about its effectiveness, but it may speed up the process of getting a supplemental Passport if you happen to lose yours while abroad. With a PASS Card and a paper copy of your Passport you will be in good shape with the United States Embassies in the unfortunate event of a lost or stolen Passport.

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