Company Letter of Guarantee

The following is an example of a Business Cover Letter for Obtaining Visas - Company Letter of Guarantee. This letter MUST be retyped on your Company Letterhead in order to be accepted.

* NOTE: No Consulate Address is Necessary - Incorrect Consulate
or Embassy Address will delay processing!


Consulate of ___________ (Country Name)_____________

Dear Sirs:

This letter is to introduce ____________(Applicant's Name)__________,

______(Title Position)_______ with ______(Company Name)_________.

________(Applicants Name)________ wishes to visit your country from

______(Proposed Date of Entry)_____ to _____(Proposed Date of Exit)_____

in order to _____(Exact Purpose of Trip) _____.

While in your country he/she will be contacting _____(Contact Person)_____,

_________(Company Name & Company Address) ______________.

We are requesting a _____(Business)_(Type of Visa)_____visa to be issued

for at least _______(days/weeks/ months)_______. We are requesting a

___(Single /Double /Multiple)___ entry visa be issued.

______(Company Name)______ hereby guarantees the expenses of this trip

including airfare to the United States.


________(Authorized Signer Other Than Applicant)________

________(Title Within the Company)____________________