Damaged/Mutilated Passport

The following is an example of a letter that needs to be constructed for damaged or mutilated passports. You must construct this letter as an explanation on how the
passport was damaged. Explain the steps you took to correct the situation.


Passport Supervisor,
Enclosed you will find a mutilated passport with my application materials.
On (approximate date of mutilation) I inadvertently damaged my passport by
(_______________). After viewing the damage to the passport I realized it could not be fixed.

I presented this passport to the passport acceptance agent at the (post office / court house) and was instructed that it would need to be surrendered.

I am asking for expedited service because of my departure is _______________ as you can see from my itinerary, resolving this issue is of great importance.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Again, if you could expedite this request, it would be much appreciated.


( Your Signature )

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